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fem_library's Journal

Feminist Book Recommendations
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The Feminist Library is a community in which members can recommend books to others. With the use of the tags and memory feature it is hoped that it will eventually provide a resource to the countless requests for book recommendations on feminist sites.

To find a book within the theme or age group you're looking for go to the tags page or the memories page.

Books do not have to be explicitly feminist, just be of interest to some one with 'feminist ethics.' By this we mean it may have a strong female role model, show gay families in a positive light, include strong characters of colour (not just token references) or positively present children doing things that are gender non conformist. This community was mainly set up for people looking for books for their children and teenagers who were disappointed with many of the themes and messages in the books aimed at those age groups. However it is open to books aimed at any age group as long as it is tagged as such.

Both Fiction and Non-Fiction can be posted as long as they have a feminist message and are tagged correctly.

This is not a place to request a certain type of book. You can do so at communities like feministbooks and feminist_lit.

A general livejournal feminist community can be found at feminist.

Posts should be formated using the example below. Please note that the synopsis is not a place for reviews. All personal reviews should be in the comments below. Please make sure you use the tag feature to help others find your recommendation in the future.

Illustrator: (If relevent)
ISBN: (This can be found next to the barcode on a book or on book sites such as amazon.)
Pictue: (If you have one)

Synopsis: (This is not the place for a personal review but a basic summary.)

Link: (Please link to online book seller or a place where further reviews may be read, e.g amazon.)

Finally personal reviews are lovely and can really help when choosing a book so do please leave comments. :)